‘Mount’ believes that Singha still has a good chance to win the league

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Mason Mount Confirm win the Premier League is the target of Chelsea and always wanted to make the championship more than ever, I believe that this season they have a good chance to make that goal a reality

team of Thomas II. Kle started the month leading the pack but has now fallen behind Manchester City and Liverpool due to the coronavirus pandemic and injury, and

Sunday’s draw with Wolves leaves them behind Man City. With City six points ahead of their year-end programme,

Chelsea will face Brentford in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals tonight (Wednesday) before returning to league action.

Against Aston Villa on Boxing Day, Mount knows that things can change quickly in their Premier League title race and the Blues are confident they will continue their title race.

“When you put pressure on yourself with the goal to win the Premier League, every match will increase the pressure, all marking the end of” Mount told Sky Sports

: “We have a herd is the one, we have always some shots and fell. Coming down to 3rd, it shows that if you drop your points, the title race can end quickly.”

“Champions are always our goal. We want to reach that point. This season it felt more like that than ever because we thought we had a good chance. We can do it for sure. We are confident But we also need to be humble and concentrate. You must not neglect the basics as well.”