Manchester United complained that Ten Hag was stubborn and lost his vibe.

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Eric ten Hag the manager of Manchester United has become a hot topic all week. Recently, it was revealed that his subordinates did not appreciate the Dutch coach’s stubbornness. As a result, the working atmosphere at Old Trafford is still gloomy.

Report from ‘Sport Mail’ that ‘Red Devils’ morale before the Carabao Cup fourth round match against Newcastle (1 Nov.) is low. Because they just lost in the Manchester derby. The 191st match was 0-3 at the weekend  UFABET 

Drama engulfs Ten Hak, a melodious melody. Until there was a trend of cursing that he would be fired. Because he held the reins for more than 18 months and there would be no continuous development. Out of shape and sagging, plus the habit of being willing to break and not bend. It created conflicts with many famous players. 

For example.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a five-time Ballon d’Or star was demoted by the 53-year-old manager last season. For dropping a bomb on United before leaving to join Al-Nasir of the Saudi Pro League, like this head coach is really stupid.

Goalkeeper David de Gea, who has been with the club for more than a decade is disappointed that. The club has not rewarded his loyalty with a new contract. It’s like ten Hag intended to force him out in order to bring in a new. Built-in goalkeeper from the back like Andre Onana. 

It certainly caused dissatisfaction among those close to ‘Dave’. Such as Raphael Varane, Bruno Fernandes or Victor Lindelof, all of whom had influence in the dressing room.

Or in the case of criticism of Jadon Sancho, the expensive winger, in the media for his lack of professionalism during training. until the players posted a response It had spread to the point where he couldn’t even look at his face and prepare for anyone’s way. 

And recently

they dropped Varane, a world champion defender. For tactical reasons and chose Jonny Evans to pair with center back Harry Maguire. The result was a comfortable three-goal loss to City.

The strictness of every inch is what the players The ‘Red Devils’ think ten Hag is too tight, to the point where his working atmosphere is like trying to save himself. More than supporting each other, pushing each other 

It will be interesting to see who the manager of Manchester United will be at Christmas, because the team has a history of dismissing late coaches. 

Back then, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer separated on 21 Nov. 2021 because he was too kind and couldn’t motivate the youngsters , or Jose Mourinho was kicked out in the middle of Dec. 2018 because he couldn’t control the dressing room .