How to relieve Keto Flu symptoms? 

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The side effects of the Keto Flu vary in severity. If your body gets used to being in ketosis, it will help ease the severity of your symptoms. The following methods will help the body get used to the changes that have occurred.

Drink water regularly

While in ketosis The body will quickly expel water. This is due to the reduction in carbohydrate intake. This causes glycogen, which helps retain water in the body and is a form of carbohydrate, to decrease as well. The body can lose water quickly, so drinking enough water may help relieve Keto Flu symptoms such as fatigue. The occurrence of cramps Due to the condition of the body being dehydrated. UFABET 

Avoid strenuous exercise

You should rest your body enough. Because during the first week after eating keto, the body may experience fatigue. Cramping and abdominal distension. But you can exercise by walking. Do yoga or go for a gentle bike ride instead.

Take mineral replacements 

The body of a keto dieter may not get enough of certain important minerals. It affects the functioning of various systems in the body. For example, you should use salt for seasoning because insulin levels may decrease. As a result, the kidneys excrete too much sodium from the body. Or eat foods that are high in potassium, such as green leafy vegetables, etc.

Get enough rest.

Not getting enough sleep can cause levels of the hormone cortisol to increase. Which can affect your mood and Keto Flu symptoms. If you’re unable to sleep or rest, Keto dieters should reduce their intake of beverages containing caffeine. Don’t play on the phone. Play on the computer or watch television before falling asleep. Bathe with a scented soap or shower cream to promote relaxation. Wake up at the same time every day and avoid sleep deprivation to achieve good sleep patterns.