Patrick is very proud of the team showing good form

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Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira is proud of the form of the team in the game that just opened the home game against Arsenal 3-0

army “Castle Ruean Kaew” of the French coach. Just showing good form at home, defeating his old team, “Cannons” to 3-0, increasing to 37 points, moving up to 9th in the table

“I’m very proud. We had a really good football game.” Era told ufabet Sports after the game.

Defended well and took our chances we score goals in key moments of the game. We need a good performance against a big team and today we did. I’m very pleased.

” We are very smart with our defensive approach from the front and use our chances until we score goals.”

“Everything at this club is team support. And when we play in our own home, we can really feel it. The players are very tired but the difference is the atmosphere and the fans that support the players

. I received amazing support from the people around me. I took over at a club with a strong foundation. They do everything to help our team perform well.”

“It is an important point for the team. But we know that we have to be consistent in both form and result. We have an exciting end to the season. Therefore, we will try to show our best form like today.”